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Hello Everyone,

My name is Stacey MacNeil, and I am pleased to share that I am celebrating my eleventh year at St. John Paul II. I have been at St. John Paul II since my move to Alberta from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I moved to Alberta after graduating from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Education specializing in Aboriginal Education, along with an Arts degree in Political Science from Saint Mary’s University. 

My specialization at St. John Paul II Collegiate is Religion, and I am the Religion Team Leader for the school. I have a passion for our faith, and bringing to students to Christ, along with giving them the tools that they need to defend their faith, and make good moral decisions.

I love getting involved in the extracurricular life of the school. I organize the Drama Production Club, Free the Children including We Scare Hunger and We Day, Co-Chair the Backpack Campaign, Organize the Grade Eight Fast, Service Club, help out the Sacraments, and much more that happens around the school.

Please email me at or phone 403-938-4600 ext 250 with any questions about your child's progress in my classroom, or any of the extracurricular events that I organize at the school.


Stacey MacNeil

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