St. JPII - Final Exam Schedule (revised June 4)

Click here to view the 21/22 Final Exam Schedule (revised June 4Please note: IMPORTANT details below

  • As displayed in the exam schedule, students assigned to a bus will write the first sitting of the exam, while students who are not assigned to a bus write during the second sitting
  • Buses will run on normal schedules.  Students may return to the building at 3:06 if they require bus transportation home.
  • Students will enter the building through regular doors 10 minutes before each exam period begins, and they will go straight to their class   Students only attend school during their scheduled exam times (i.e. students are not required to attend if they are not writing an exam on that day, or at that time).  Please contact our administration if you wish to discuss unique circumstances.
  • Some students will write outside of their regular classroom to allow for better spacing (i.e. in a gymnasium or other classroom).  These will be appropriate and supervised quiet spaces, and affected students will be notified in advance.
  • Students MUST stay for the entire 90-minute exam block (students requiring extra time for their exam may take up to two hours total).
  • We urge students to leave campus by themselves after exams and avoid group activities. This will reduce the amount of people in the building, and make room for sanitizing and disinfecting. 
  • All students writing exams will be safely distanced (2 metres or more) from other students.