Important Attendance Information

We understand that these are challenging times for parents in terms of the COVID protocols that are affecting your childrens' attendance.

As always, please notify us via phone (403-938-4600) or email ( that your child will be absent from school, and please provide absence details as AHS requires us to track COVID related illness.

  • In a case where your child is absent due to COVID symptoms and/or awaiting test results please be aware that we need a daily attendance update, however, if you are able to specify days away from school in advance, we will happily note these absences in our system to avoid the need for daily updating. This must be done to ensure student safety as we are obligated to inform parents when students don't arrive at school. 
  • Please note that morning attendance is often not finalized until approximately 9:45am.  If you receive notification that your child is unexcused but you have given notice to excuse the absence, we ask that you allow us time to make daily attendance corrections before calling to follow up.