Alberta Education-Choice in Education Survey

The Board of Trustees of Christ The Redeemer Catholic Schools would like to promote parent and stakeholder participation in a survey that the government of Alberta has recently distributed. The survey seeks feedback on Choice in Education in Alberta.

The purpose of this survey is to “protect, improve and enhance education choice in Alberta.”  As such, it is imperative that Catholic education stakeholders advocate for publicly funded Catholic education as a solid educational choice in Alberta. Parents, as stated in the survey, should be offered the opportunity to select the educational path they feel will best help their children reach their full potential. This includes publicly funded Catholic education.

The survey closes on December 6th.  Please complete the survey and share widely. It is important that the Catholic voice be heard loud and clear, and in large numbers.  Publicly funded Catholic education is important in Alberta. 

This is an important time, where government is making educational decisions.  Catholic must speak up and be heard.  So please take the survey...and pass it on.