#Relationships and the Accountability Survey - what's the connection?

Earlier this year, Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools launched lesson sets in gr 4-11 as part of  the  #Relationships in a Digital Age initiative aimed at raising awareness about screen time and smartphone use. The objective of the program is to assist students and their parents in assessing the impact of screen time and smartphone use on their overall wellness, with specific focuses on creating healthy face-to-face relationships, taking healthy relational risks, making informed decisions when using technology, and ensuring our students can  concentrate with sustained attention on any task rather than being distracted by technology.

The Alberta Accountability Pillar surveys are currently being distributed to parents (and students and teachers), but how does #Relationships tie to some of the survey measures of Safe & Caring; Education Quality; Work Preparation and Citizenship?

#Relationships will have a major impact on CTR’s education quality, work preparation, and citizenship. We hope you agree! Visit #Relationships in a Digital Age to stay informed!

Tell us how we are doing!

Parents of students in Grade 4, 7 and 10 are encouraged to fill out the Accountability Survey coming soon to your mailbox!

If you are a parent of one of our schools, you can also fill out the Alberta Accountability Pillar Survey online through Alberta Education’s Accountability Pillar Online Survey Tool.

To fill the survey out online, you will require a random access code. This code will be mailed to you with a hard copy of the survey. You will require a different code per child. 

The survey helps gauge the quality of education your child is receiving.